Church For The City (KDM) is a unique place. Here you can find Christians, who make serving people and local community their life’s purpose.It’s a big challenge, but on the other hand it is also nothing more than practically following Jesus, who “didn’t come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many …” Mk 10:45 Therefore we have our hearts open to people around us. We want to see their needs and as far as possible, satisfy them. That’s where our name comes from: Church for the city. We believe that the greatest need of every human is reconciliation with God, salvation In Jesus Christ and the gift of eternal life. Our desire is to see a generation experience the fulfillment of this greatest need.

CFTC is a happy place. Happiness is a fruit of The Holy Spirit! Somebody said that the world we live in is a harsh place. There’s no need to convince anyone that life of a modern man isn’t free from worries and concerns. Rick Warren says: “Concern is a waste of energy; it can’t change the past and isn’t able to influence the future. The only thing it can cause is miserable life in the present.” We are happy people. Knowing that happiness is a scarce commodity we want to infect others with it. There are some reasons for joy, maybe this one: “Jesus loves you.”

CFTC stands for relationships. Polish people are becoming more and more the like western society. It is a fact that brings some positive values. But unfortunately also negative. One of those is the fact that people are less sociable. We believe that God created humans as relational beings who need closeness with other people. Since God loves a man, he probably likes him too. Therefore we like people, we like being together and we like doing good things together.

CFTC provides practical answers. Man’s life can be a wonderful adventure. Jesus promises his followers fulfilled and abundant life. But if it can be so good, why is it often so bad?  Why cant so many of us deal with every day’s troubles? St. Paul in one of his letters calls Jesus “Gods might and Gods wisdom”. The answer is: we need God’s help, His might and His wisdom. A Church that follows Jesus is a real testimony of a powerful and wise God.

CFTC is a place where you can meet people gifted with practical wisdom. It is a place where every Sunday you can hear a sermon, which will reach to your heart and will be a challenge to change something for good, providing a practical wisdom, which you may use in your everyday life.

Church for the city of Rybnik is a division of Pentecostal church in Poland.

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